an idiosyncratic web site

In this 21st century, a person seems almost incomplete without some sort of personal Web site, so here is mine …

I am mostly retired these days, although the ongoing popularity of my project (Time magazine dubbed me “the go-light guru”) continues to yield a variety of speaking engagements, at events large and small. So if you’re a meeting planner or otherwise searching for a topical, entertaining, and singularly useful presentation for your group/function, take a look at my site; I’d be pleased to discuss your needs with you.

rotational ambigramI did promise idiosyncrasy (not to say eccentricity), though, so this site also contains a bit of information on the Dyment surname (because a lot of folks come here looking for Dyments), an overview of my professional credentials (including contact information), some personal ramblings, and several miscellaneous pleasures. I am also the author (and "Carry-On Maven", says The Wall Street Journal) of the abovementioned, a celebrated Web site teaching the art of travelling light; wander over there if the topic interests you. And I am the author of a variety of highly acclaimed technical publications for mystery entertainers; The Deceptionary hosts that aspect of my interests.

about the “dyment” surname

The Dyment surname (pronounced dye-ment) is British, one of several alternate spellings of Dayman, itself a corruption of dairyman. In 1833, two brothers, John and Humphrey, came to Canada by small sailing vessel from their homes in the tiny (Saxon, circa 700 AD) village of Bradworthy, Devonshire (the birthplace of Devon Cream Tea!), settling in Dundas (Ontario) and Prince Edward Island, respectively. I’m a descendant of John, and, as is common among first-born sons in this family branch, carry his name (my full name is John Douglas Dyment). True to the heritage suggested by our surname, many of my relatives are still in the dairy farming business in southern Ontario.

No dairying for me, though … I spent a fair bit of time on farms as a boy, but have made my living in various non-agricultural pursuits, mostly in the high-technology area; you’ll find more detail on the “About: Professional” page.

is this the doug dyment you’re looking for?

Perhaps. Cities that I’ve called home over the course of my life include Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Carleton Place, & Waterloo (Ontario, Canada); West Vancouver & Gibsons (British Columbia, Canada); Cambridge (U.K.); New York City (New York, USA); and San Francisco (California, USA). Additionally, I have spent extended periods of time in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Concord (Massachusetts, USA), London (U.K.), and Kyoto (Japan).

A dual Canadian/U.S. citizen, I now live in Gibsons, a small, picturesque, coastal town in British Columbia, Canada, along with my wife Lynne (a dual Canadian/U.K. citizen). Together, we (happily) host a steady stream of friends visiting the Sunshine Coast.

All the top-of-page photos on this site are from places that we have — at one time or another — called home.